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Analysing, Practicle, Reflective, Observation, Thoughtful

Lucky Color : Grey
lucky number : 7
Ruling Planet : Mercury

This is the good time for getting help from spouse. Definitely he/she will support you. Your mood will be romantic. This is good time for studies. Business man can grow with new partner. They can get new offers. This is good time for savings but not good to invest in speculation. Your health will not be average, be cautious regarding your food. Do exercise on regular basis. Don't hurt any female rather be good to females.

Students shall take interest in their studies. For lovers it shall prove to be a lucky day. Businessman can take major decision for their business, if you are in service then your day will be normal if you are planning to invest in speculation then this is the best time for you. You health will be sound and you will be more active.

Unmarried persons shall get proposal for marriage. Unmarried young couples might get a chance to meet after a long time. Business man can get a new business partner or proposal. You shall get favorable results in legal matters. Your inclination towards your spouse will increase. You can get money or financial help from your in laws. Your children shall become more courageous. Students shall have to put lot of efforts for getting good result. Be cautious about your health.

Rashifal -August 2022


This is a helpful month, during which good fortune will bless you with good health. You only have to make some minor readjustments to remain in the pink of health. The most important of these is to chalk out a schedule of activity so that you do not over-exert yourself. Undue strain on your physical and mental resources would not be congenial for your system at all. Also, since your health would be determined to a large extent by the nature of your general surroundings, you must avoid unpleasant places and people. This you will be able to do quite easily in a favourable month. This apart, you have an excellent month.


The configuration of stars facing you is none too favourable, and so are the prospects for your financial advancement. There is a distinct possibility that some of you would be influenced by a meanstreak that would goad you on to exploit your workers, juniors, or even people below you in the social strata for your personal advantage. This would be met with stiff resistance and turn into an extremely unpleasant situation. Curb such tendencies. Artists should make provisions for the rainy day, since they might face a ban period. Even otherwise, the climate would not be congenial for investment and the launching of new ventures. These could easily get stuck.


There is very little of a congenial nature for your professional prospects in the augury from the stars this month. You would have to work very hard, and what is more feel the burden of work. Nothing interesting is likely to happen. And to compound your woes, with all this effort there would be little likelihood of realizing expected gains. There is some consolation in the fact that association with several gifted people of learning would bring some marginal material gains, and a fair degree of mental satisfaction. A small quantity of travel would bear some fruit. The most advantageous direction would be west.


Nothing particularly beneficial about the augury from the stars, in so far as your educational prospects are concerned. Most of you would find yourself struggling quite a bit to get to your objectives. Those going in for higher studies would face a particularly difficult period. They should, therefore, remain patient and not give up in the face of difficulties. Those appearing for competitive examinations should go in for extra coaching since under the circumstances, this could well be the deciding factor for success. Those pursuing accountancy, journalism, and other forms of mass-communications would also face a rough time.


A month during which you should carefully scrutinize your travel plans and strip them to the bare essential, since there is little profit in travel. But, the circumstances would be such that it may be necessary for you to undertake a good bit of travel in the pursuit of business ends. However, it is fairly certain that these ends would not be realized. Most of you would travel mainly be rail or by road with a little of it being by air. The most favourable direction, i.e. North, would also fail to rectify this picture. It would therefore, be best to travel as little as possible.


A trying time for your family with practically nothing going right for them, since the stellar influences are all quite negative. Apart from the possibility of some serious trouble from your servants, some of you could develop serious strains in your relations with your maternal relatives. You must not allow yourself to be swayed by anger and refuse to be provoked into any confrontation. This could go a long way in keeping you out of trouble. The family atmosphere would remain tension-ridden practically throughout the month. Pay special attention to children since their affairs might call for closer security, devoting more time and energy to this.


Nothing particularly favourable about the augury from the stars in so far as your children's prospect are concerned this month. The performance of most of them would remain below normal. However, those pursuing any practical trade or apprenticeship would do relatively better. In fact, most of them may display a higher order of skills than usual with their hands. This should be encouraged whenever possible. Further, there are chances that some of them would get into trouble with an elderly person, could be a family member resulting in unpleasant consequences. Parents should intervene to control things.

This year on April 13, Jupiter would enter Pisces Sign Seventh House and Rahu in Aries Sign Eighth House on March 17. On April 29, Saturn would enter Aquarius Sign Sixth House and on July 12, it would transit Capricorn Sign Fifth House after becoming retrograde. Venus would remain combust from September 30 to November 21.


This year would be moderately auspicious for work and profession perspective. In the beginning of the year you would not experience any difficulty in accomplishing your aims and objectives. Latent enemies would be helpless in creating obstacles in domain of your work. Those who are absorbed in Jobs would get reverence and prestige at their respective work place. In the later half of the year, there would be a good gain from profession. There are indications for new sources of income. If any new venture is started during this period, success of the same is imminent. You would get cooperation of experienced and senior people. You would have desired gains from partnership profession and be satisfied with your partner.

Wealth, Property

Beginning of the year would be auspicious for economic perspective. You could make desired savings and make your economic status stable and strong due to combined aspectual effect of Jupiter and Saturn on Second House. You could bag gems and ornaments. There would be incessant flow of income and you could get rid of prolonged debts etc. from that income. You would incur expenditure on auspicious occasions. After April 13, transit of Jupiter would be more favorable. At that time you could get wealth through your friends or wife.

Work, Profession

This year would be highly auspicious for family perspective. Due to combined aspectual effect of Jupiter and Saturn on Second House, an atmosphere of peace and comforts would prevail in your family. There would be addition of a member your family because of birth of a child or marriage of a family member. There are indications for accomplishing an auspicious ceremony at your house in the beginning of the year. After April 13, time period would turn more favorable. If you are unmarried you could be wed locked during this period. You would have melodious relations with your wife and friends. You would get full cooperation of your brothers because of aspect of Jupiter on Third House, you social prestige would be enhanced.

Family & Society

This year would be moderately auspicious for children perspective. In the beginning of the year, you might feel somewhat odd regarding your children. His/ her health could also be adversely affected which might become a cause for their poor educational performance. But after April 13, time period would be appreciably favorable. There would be auspicious time period for your second child. He/she would succeed in domain of work. If he/she is desirous of having higher education, he/she might get admission in a high profile institution. If your children are of marriageable age, they could solemnize their marriage.


Beginning of the year would be average for health point of view. Jupiter in Sixth House might cause some minor diseases. It is indispensable to be cautious for health under these circumstances. On April 13, Jupiter would transit Seventh House. After that your health would improve slowly and steadily because of aspect of Jupiter on Ascendant, you would get mental satisfaction, internal happiness contentment, health, self-confidence and wellness from Yoga and exercises.

Career & Competition

First half of the year would be moderately favorable for competitive examinations perspective. Hard and sincere efforts are to be put in to get success for career. The time period is favorable for students who are desirous of going abroad or at a distant place to get education. After April 13, time period is tuning very much favorable. It would be an auspicious time for participating in a competitive examination. You would succeed in competitive examination. You would also succeed if you intend to acquire any professional education.

Travel & Transfer

This year would be moderately auspicious for journey perspective. In the beginning of the year, aspect of Jupiter on Twelfth House could cause a foreign journey for you Due to the effect of Rahu and Ketu. You would perform short journeys along with long journeys. Most of the journeys would be undertaken unexpectedly. Those who are performing jobs might get transferred after March 17. After April 13, professions would perform journeys related to their profession because Jupiter is posited in Seventh House. The professionals would earn a considerable profit by performing these journeys.

Religious Deeds & Propitiation of Planets

Beginning of the year would be average for religious deeds. Rahu at Dharmashathan (Ninth House) inclines your mind towards Tantra,Mantra and Yantra. After April 13 transit of Jupiter is turning more favorable. Your spiritual knowledge would be enhanced at that time which causes more inclinations towards worship and dedication for religious deeds. You would pay reverence to your spiritual instructors. Seek blessings of planets, teachers, hermit, monk and your elders. 1. Distribute bananas or BesanLaddus at a temple or a religious place. 2. Offer water to Sun in the morning. 3. Wear DurgaBeesaYantra in your neck.

General Characteristics Virgo

Virgo is a very independent zodiac sign. They are fully able to put their intelligence to use and get things done for themselves. It is possible however that their narrow mindedness causes their creativity to suffer and they may lead regular routine lives. They may dwell too much on the past and over complicate things and this may limit their ability to move forward and confuse themselves. In conclusion, Virgos are able to be independent but the less evolved types will have difficult if someone is not there helping them to achieve more and not be so critical of themselves. They are analytical, observant, helpful, reliable, precise, ingenious and very intelligent. You will rarely find Virgos teeming with activities. But they are not actually passive, at the real moments you will find them highly agile. Virgos exercise great amount of caution in whatever they do. They often are cleanliness freaks, which may seem irrational to others. Although Virgos are intelligent but at the same time they remain confused about the decision making chores of daily life. They have management skills in them. They are very successful in competitive examinations like IAS etc. In addition to that they are good mangers and very disciplined in their approach towards life and profession. They are highly organized and are known for their communication skills and intelligence but they are quite shy by nature.Too critical of other people’s faults and feelings.

Good linguist and have scientific turn of mind for learning anything and everything. Discriminating and emotional to get easily carried away by impulse. Nervous, lacking of self-confidence, methodical, ability to present an idea in great details. They are cautious regarding their own interests, prudent, economical, diplomatic and shrewd.Known for their analytical mind, the Virgo have the potential to reach great heights in professions where precision is called for. They should choose professions that have growth potential. Hence, a profession in Math, Physics, Finance, Engineering, Research, Medical, Architecture, Investment and Stock Market may prove to be a good career choice. Also, these helpful and observant people make great data analysts, contractors, accountants, lawyers and teachers. Being an earthy sign they take pleasure in gardening and agriculture,fond of accumulating wealth. Peaceful and pleasant domestic life, have limited number of children. Good income, success in profession, owner of property. Delay in marriage

They should guard against digestive troubles. They are liable to suffer from Dysentery,Typhoid, Gall Stone etc.. Fond of being administered medicine even for insignificant complaint. May suffer from T.B. during the last stage of their life.

Physical features

Medium height, dark hair and eyes, quick active walk, often appears younger than age, chest prominent, straight nose, thin and shrill voice, curved eyebrows with much of hair growth, mark either on throat or thighs.

Auspicious years – 23, 24, 25 to 35 and 49 to 62

Inauspicious years - 4, 16, 22 and 36

Their lucky gem is Emerald