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Analysing, Practicle, Reflective, Observation, Thoughtful

Lucky Color : Grey
lucky number : 7
Ruling Planet : Mercury

This day will be good for you. You will earn more than your expectations. Your destiny will be with you. Your relationship with your spouse may deteriorate, so be cautious otherwise it may become bitter in future as well. You may get good news from your children or they may get an award or honor in society and also your name shall rise in society as well. Your health will be normal and your mind will be restless.

Today you will feel slightly depressed. There will be hurdles in your work today. Be cautious while driving. Investment in speculation will be okay. Difference of views / opinions with spouse will result in argument. It won't be a good day for your love life. There may be pain in your left leg. Control your speech otherwise you will get into unnecessary problem.

You might get involved in any religious work. The children's support towards you will fill your heart with joy and energy. Their study will be satisfactory. This shall prove to be a lucky day for love life. Your affection towards spouse shall increase. Health will be sound. For businessman this is the good time to start a new venture.

Rashifal -September 2021


This month you have a fairly helpful combination of stars facing you, and this holds out encouraging prospects for your health. Somber temperaments would be more cheerful and this means a somewhat more spirited mode of living. Any predisposition to cold hands and feet, would get significant relief. The nervously inclined could also look forward to a more stable state of nerves. There are grounds, however, for you to be careful about not consuming any state or unclean food, since this might bring about a bout of food-poisoning. Difficulties would be at a minimum and you have quite a beneficial month.


The augury for your financial prospects is anything but cheerful this month. Most of you would have to work quite hard and yet have few chances of realizing your objectives. Further, there is a distinct possibility that speculative activity would take some of you to your doom. Expected gains would not materialize and further compound the mess. There is also the likelihood of having to do other people's dirty work in the hope of making a fast luck. Such greed should be curbed, because not only will luck elude you, but also create a situation which could easily become very bothersome.


The prospects for your career advancement appear none too bright this month, with the stars in no mood to bless you. You would find yourself working quite hard, and the rewards would be nowhere near matching the effort put in. Even with all this effort there is little likelihood of realizing expected gains. Some of you might also develop a mean streak which would goad you on to exploiting your juniors and workers below you in the social strata. This should be curbed, failing which you would only yourself to blame for the exceeding unpleasant situation you would find yourself in. Travel also would fail bear any fruit ,through there might be some percentage in a sojourn towards the north.


Nothing particularly favourable, about the augury from the stars, in so far as your educational prospects are concerned. Those pursuing higher studies may find their efforts bogged down in difficulties not the least of which could be finding the right opportunity. Technical students would have to work much harder than usual to maintain their ranking though there is a possibility of some of you doing quite well in your practicals. Students of law would also fare poorly. Candidates for competitive examinations would do well to go in for extra coaching, since this could decide the outcome of your efforts.


A good month during which the prospects of gains from travel are quite promising since the stars have decided to bless you. A visit to a holy place or places could well turn out to be a memorable landmark in your personal annals. Those aspiring for higher studies or training abroad or some far off place would see their plans go through smoothly. You would travel alone by rail or by road with a fair measure of air travel. A visit abroad also cannot be ruled out. Business travel would be very successful. West is the most favourable direction.


This month your family affairs may get bogged down in difficulties since practically all stellar influences are negative. There is a distinct possibility of some of you developing serious differences with the elders of the family leading to unpleasant situations. You must not lose your cool and refuse to be drawn into any sort of a confrontation. This should diffuse tension to a large extent. Financially also, you all may not do too well for yourselves, and as such plan your expenses carefully well in advance. Children would need extra attention and more of your time and energy, since they may tend to be ill-tempered and disobedient.


There is nothing particularly beneficial about the augury from the stars this month in so far as your children's progress is concerned. There is the possibility that the wards of quite a few among you people would get into serious difficulties with their teachers, adversely effecting their studies. Parents should intervene well in time to set things right. The performance of most of them at studies would also leave much room for improvement. Students of law and those pursuing higher studies may face a set of particularly difficult circumstances. They would have to persevere for success.

This year Saturn would remain in Capricorn Sign in Fifth House and Rahu in Taurus Sign in Ninth House on April 06 Jupiter would enter Aquarius Sign in Sixth House and on September 14, it transits Capricorn Sign in Fifth House on becoming retrograde. On November 20, Jupiter would again enter Aquarius Sign in Sixth House on turning direct. Mars would move at its normal motion. From February 17 to April 19, Venus would remain combust.


This year would be auspicious for economic perspective. There would be considerable earnings in the beginning of the year. Time period after April 06 would become more favorable for you. You could begin with some new work or profession. Those who are employed would gain respect and prestige at their work places. There are indications for more profits to you after September 14.

Wealth, Property

This year would be favorable for economic perspective. There would be continuity in your earning as Jupiter and Saturn have combined aspect on Eleventh House. Your source of income would become more stable. You could expect weather gains from progress of your children besides from sources of entertainment. You would earn from from share market and speculative business.

Work, Profession

This year would have mixed results as regard to family perspective. In the beginning of the year you would not be able to devote due time to family because of your prior engagements. But an environment of peace and comforts would prevail in the family. The newly married couples might be blessed with children because Saturn and Jupiter have combined aspect on Fifth House. You would have affection and gains from your elder brothers. Your respect and prestige in the society would be augmented. There might be some adverse time from April 06 to September 14 but after this period again favorable time would prevail. This year is auspicious for progress of progeny.

Family & Society

Saturn and Jupiter have combined aspect on Fifth House which gives strong indication for newly married couples to have children. Beginning of the year would be favorable for children (progeny). Inclination of your children towards studies would be augmented. Your children would get admission in a high profile institution for higher education. If your children are in marriageable age, they might get married. The transit of planets is highly auspicious for income and profession of your second child.


Beginning of this year would be auspicious for health point of view. You would be mentally and physically alert and healthy because of aspect of Jupiter on Ascendant. Jupiter would transit in Sixth House from April 06 to September 14. During this period your health might deteriorate and suddenly you may fall ill. It would be beneficial for you to do exercises or Yoga in early morning. Time period after September 14 would be favorable for health.

Career & Competition

This year would be moderately result oriented for competitive examinations point of view. There would be success in career. Time period in auspicious for those who are desirous of having professional education. Beginning of the year would be highly auspicious for students. There would be chances for getting employment after April 06.

Travel & Transfer

Rahu in Ninth House might cause long Journey for you. You would perform every type of journeys this year. You might have a foreign journey after April 06. There are indications for transfer and change of place for those who are in jobs. over all, this year is favorable for journeys.

Religious Deeds & Propitiation of Planets

This year would be auspicious for religious deeds. You would be attracted towards religious ceremonies. You would respect your teachers, preaches, Gurus and follow their advice, instructions etc. You would help the poor from time to time. 1. Install SphatikShriyantra at your worship place and light a lamp of Ghee in front of it every day. 2. Recite Rahu Mantra and donate black articles in charity. 3. Seek blessings of your elders.

General Characteristics Virgo

Virgo is a very independent zodiac sign. They are fully able to put their intelligence to use and get things done for themselves. It is possible however that their narrow mindedness causes their creativity to suffer and they may lead regular routine lives. They may dwell too much on the past and over complicate things and this may limit their ability to move forward and confuse themselves. In conclusion, Virgos are able to be independent but the less evolved types will have difficult if someone is not there helping them to achieve more and not be so critical of themselves. They are analytical, observant, helpful, reliable, precise, ingenious and very intelligent. You will rarely find Virgos teeming with activities. But they are not actually passive, at the real moments you will find them highly agile. Virgos exercise great amount of caution in whatever they do. They often are cleanliness freaks, which may seem irrational to others. Although Virgos are intelligent but at the same time they remain confused about the decision making chores of daily life. They have management skills in them. They are very successful in competitive examinations like IAS etc. In addition to that they are good mangers and very disciplined in their approach towards life and profession. They are highly organized and are known for their communication skills and intelligence but they are quite shy by nature.Too critical of other people’s faults and feelings.

Good linguist and have scientific turn of mind for learning anything and everything. Discriminating and emotional to get easily carried away by impulse. Nervous, lacking of self-confidence, methodical, ability to present an idea in great details. They are cautious regarding their own interests, prudent, economical, diplomatic and shrewd.Known for their analytical mind, the Virgo have the potential to reach great heights in professions where precision is called for. They should choose professions that have growth potential. Hence, a profession in Math, Physics, Finance, Engineering, Research, Medical, Architecture, Investment and Stock Market may prove to be a good career choice. Also, these helpful and observant people make great data analysts, contractors, accountants, lawyers and teachers. Being an earthy sign they take pleasure in gardening and agriculture,fond of accumulating wealth. Peaceful and pleasant domestic life, have limited number of children. Good income, success in profession, owner of property. Delay in marriage

They should guard against digestive troubles. They are liable to suffer from Dysentery,Typhoid, Gall Stone etc.. Fond of being administered medicine even for insignificant complaint. May suffer from T.B. during the last stage of their life.

Physical features

Medium height, dark hair and eyes, quick active walk, often appears younger than age, chest prominent, straight nose, thin and shrill voice, curved eyebrows with much of hair growth, mark either on throat or thighs.

Auspicious years – 23, 24, 25 to 35 and 49 to 62

Inauspicious years - 4, 16, 22 and 36

Their lucky gem is Emerald