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Security, Subtle Stregth, Apriciation, Instruction, Passion

Lucky Color : Pink
lucky number : 6
Ruling Planet : Venus

Today is the day of hard work and because of that you will be more tense and restless. The support from your younger brother or sister will make you confident. You may take a decision with your courage and would work hard for that. So be patient and continue your work. Money will come with your hard work only. Relation with spouse will be generally good. Children will do better and they can get the desired result.

Today you will feel courageous and might try some extra ordinary tasks. You might go on short journeys. Financial position will be average. Be cautious about health. If you are planning to buy a vehicle then you should postpone it. Your relation with your spouse shall be full of tension due to hot argument with him/her.

You will feel restless and lazy. Your confidence shall increase. A bold decision taken by you will make you work harder. Money will come with your hard work only. Relation with spouse will be normal. Children will do better and they can get the desired result. Students can achieve their goals easily

Rashifal -June 2021


This month, the stars are quite favourable disposed towards your health affairs and therefore there is no cause for any serious worry. Even those, given to more somber thoughts about life would find the ensuring period, pleasant and cheerful. Those troubled by frequent bouts of sudden acute illness like fevers and inflammations would also get a respite from their difficulties. There are grounds, however, to apprehend some trouble associated with the head. As a preventive measure we suggest a tonic for the head, which can in any case do no possible harm. A fairly satisfactory month, during which you are unlikely to suffer from any serious ailment.


A month full of opportunities for advancing your financial prospects. Most of you would carry out your pursuits with a touch of boldness, quickly going on to score successes. You will be helped in this by good fortune, which will favour speculation. In fact, some of you may well get a windfall. The circumstances and your own drive and self-confidence would combine to ensure success for you in fairly quick time. Further, the time would also be congenial for investment and new enterprises, which should be boldly put into motion.


There is nothing very favourable for your professional prospects this month, as far as the augury from the stars is concerned. Your ability to get workout of your subordinates would meet with stiff opposition. You might tend to exploit your workers or juniors, which would create seething discontent against you. You would do well, therefore, to keep this situation under control otherwise work could come to a stand still. There would be a lot of travel, but this also would bear little fruit, because of a basically disorganised approach to your own affairs still any sojourn to the East would bring some gains but this, too, could only be marginal.


This month your educational efforts would bear some fruit though after a lot of hard work, since the stars are quite favourably inclined. Those pursuing technical education would fare quite well in their studies. In fact, some of you could go on to score notable success in some areas of study which demand skill and dexterity. The outcome of competitive examinations may remain somewhat doubtful even after extra coaching. Most of you, however, would have the drive and motivation necessary for success. This would give your effort a competitive edge that will work wonders for you.


A month during which the gains from travel may be very difficult to come by since the stars facing you have sketched such a picture for your affairs, The hub of your problems would be the extent of unnecessary travel that you undertake both official and non-official. This would create a great deal of waste and all round difficulties. Think hard and rift the necessary from the unnecessary and a majority your problems would be solved. This month you would travel alone and would even make a trip abroad or to some far off place. You would travel by rail, road or by air. There is a chance of an injury or some other physical trouble in the course of your travels.


A month during which the affairs of your family should have fairly smooth sailing, since the stars are in an obliging mood. The family atmosphere would remain quite satisfactory with the members living in harmony with each other. Children would do well in their studies and other extra-curricular activities. In fact, this could well be a big source of satisfaction to all members of the family. You all can expect some sudden gains to come your way. This would be in addition to doing fairly well financially. The cordial atmosphere at home would make it an extremely desirable place. And you can look forward to enjoying your domestic affairs.


A month during which though your children would be a source of satisfaction to you, yet they would also create problems for you, since the augury from the stars is a mixed one. On the one hand, though most children would be able to perform quite well in their pursuits, their behaviour would show definite signs of indiscipline. On occasions this might have to be firmly dealt with. Those children who are in the process of making some important decision that might effect their future, would need help in arriving at a correct conclusion. There is also the need for caution since they would be prone to injuries.

This year Saturn would remain in Capricorn Sign in Ninth House and Rahu in Taurus Sign in First House on April 06, Jupiter would enter Aquarius Sign in Tenth House and on September 14 it would transit Capricorn Sign in Ninth House on becoming retrograde. On November 20, Jupiter would again enter Aquarius Sign in Tenth House on turning direct. Mars would moveat its normal pace. Venus would remain combust from February 17 to April 19.


This year would be better than previous year for work and profession perspective. There would be continuous success in work. You would make progress in your profession by dint of your destiny and hard work. There would be expansion of your business. Jupiter in Tenth House might cause promotion of people in jobs. Those associated with dealings in land would have gains. People doing their work would have good gains.

Wealth, Property

This year would be auspicious for economic perspectives. Your economic status would be good. There would be continuity in having income due to aspect of Saturn on Eleventh House. There are indications for gaining land, buildings and vehicles along with gems and ornaments. You would incur expenditure on auspicious ceremonies of your family members and relatives. If you are bound to make a big investmentyou must consult experienced people connected with the concerned field. There are indications for expending money on religious deeds and journeys after September 14 as Jupiter is posited in Ninth House.

Work, Profession

Beginning of this year would be favorable for family perspective. You would with cooperation of elder members of the family, as a result your get mental satisfaction and attraction towards family. This year would get a higher social sank and prestige. After transit of Jupiter, the family situation would become more favorable. You would get full cooperation of all family members including your parents. You could remain restless and anxious due to deteriorating health of your spouse because of aspect of Rahu on Seventh House. There could be difference of opinions with the spouse.

Family & Society

This year would be specifically auspicious for children perspective. Your children would make progress by dint of their destiny. They would achieve their goals due to their mental capabilities. You ought to motivate your children always so that they may achieve their targets. This year you would be completely satisfied as regards to your children progress, their respect and prestige along with cordial and congenial relationship with them.


There would be good health in the beginning of the year. Jupiter by its Fifth Aspect would influence ascendant and hence there are strong indication for disease free body and enhancement in working capabilities. You would be blessed with an accelerated mental peace, cheerfulness and constructive thinking. There could be insignificant health problems due to Rahu in ascendant. Hence be very much careful about your food habits.

Career & Competition

This year would be favorable for students. There are good indications for students. They would have augmented interests in their studies. They would get admission in reputed institutions for higher education. Those who are preparing for competitive examinations would get success after April as Jupiter and Saturn, both aspect Sixth House. People searching their jobs would get jobs during this period.

Travel & Transfer

There are strong indications for long journeys. There would be rise of destiny due to journeys. During a journey you might develop deep friendship with someone. You would be transferred to your desired place along with promotion in job. You would also travel to your place of birth or residence of your mother.

Religious Deeds & Propitiation of Planets

In the beginning of the year, due to combined effect of Jupiter and Saturn, you would perform same special worship path, Yagya, Anushthan etc. and other religious activities. 1. Offer water to Sun in the morning every day. 2. Use copper vessel and put rice, Roli and red flowers in water. 3. Offer food to poor people. 4. Recite Rahu Mantra as Stated below - Om BhranBhreenBhrawnSahRahveNaham

General Characteristics Taurus

Powerful and Powerful and reliable, Taurus is the first when it comes to harvesting the fruits of his labor. They love everything that is good and beautiful, and they are often surrounded by material pleasures. People born under the Taurus sign are very sensual and tactile. Touch is extremely important for them, both in business and in romance. Stable and conservative, Taurus is among the most reliable signs of the zodiac. Once they set their eyes on something, the Taurus will persistently put in all the efforts to get it. Failures and setbacks rarely dampen their spirits. The Taurus are so goal-oriented that they often form a notion that the world revolves around them. Their self-indulgent streak makes them rude, and ignorant of others’ emotions.They tend to be good with finances and hence, make efficient financial managers. Taureans have very pleasing personality. They have medium stature but an enchanting personality. They are attractive, affectionate, romantic, large hearted, tolerant, patient and hard working. They are dependable, persistent, loyal, patient and generous. Self respecting they detest any binding. But they have cool and collected temperament. They have sweet voice with a very captivating personality to cast their influence over others. They enjoy much mental contentment. Known for their erudition they have much knowledge in science and arts. In music also they will have much knowledge and ability.

They are magnanimous by nature and help liberally the needy and poor by offering large donation. These people can’t be misled by emotional vein. Taureans are practical persons and not day dreamers. They are active and quite outspoken. Generally Taureans are good in business. Though they are not overly ambitious, their dedication and hard work can carry them quite high up in the hierarchy over the years, where their administrative skills too can be optimally utilised. The professions best suited for the Taurus are banking, the performing arts, accounts, or any other career which calls for single-minded dedication, regardless of the monotony of the work, and loads of patience.They are fond of good clothing’s and love to present them in an impressive style. They also love good food and sweet delicacies. They are obstinate but have good aesthetic sense and can become successful artists. They rarely loose their temper but once they loose it their temper can be as dangerous and as violent as an earthquake. They are very hard working and get tired rarely.

Liable to suffer from Tonsillitis, Diphtheria, Pyorrhea, Cold, Constipation. Suffer mental imbalance at least once in life.

Physical features Taurus

Middle stature, generally plump body, broad forehead, thick and stout neck, beautiful and attractive face, eyes and ears, large broad shoulders and well developed muscles, wheatish complexion, white teeth, heavy thighs, curly hairs, mole on back or armpit.They often have dimple on their cheeks or chin. Normally people of this sign are sturdy with a self assured gait and shoulders as powerful as that of a bull. Normally they keep good health

Auspicious years taurus-

Inauspicious years taurus - 1, 2, 8, 33, 44 and 61

Their lucky gem is Diamond.