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Phylosophical, Motion, Experimentation, Optimism

Lucky Color : Light Blue
lucky number : 6
Ruling Planet : Jupiter

You will feel restless and lazy. Your confidence shall increase. A bold decision taken by you will make you work harder. Money will come with your hard work only. Relation with spouse will be normal. Children will do better and they can get the desired result. Students can achieve their goals easily

Today is the day of hard work. To achieve any target you have to work harder. With your courage and extra effort you will get the success in your work. The relation with younger brother and sister will be cordial and they will help you. Relation with spouse will be good. From kids you may get good news. Lovers’ heart will be full of happiness and joy. This is not the good time to invest in any new venture

Today your day will be full of joy and happiness and your domestic environment will be harmonious. You can get the money from hidden sources and if you are planning to buy a house or plot definitely you will be in profitable deal. Your spouse will extend support to you on all fronts. Students may loose their concentration.

Rashifal -March 2023


The position of the stars gives an unequivocal blessing to your health this month. You have nothing to worry about, on this score. In fact, your system will derive the full benefit of the nutrition consumed by you, putting you in the pink of health. This would mean a sound mind in a sound constitution. You would be able to remain quite active and energetic. And those of you given to assessing their generative powers, will be pleasantly surprised to discover that they are far above normal. Any infection of the chest or lungs should be immediately treated. There is no danger or any cause for worry if this is done. Failure to do this would greatly compound your difficulties. Minor care which you must not neglect.


There are practically no encouraging signs for your financial prospects this month in the augury from the stars. Most of you could well find yourselves working quite hard and struggling to realize your pending targets, and not getting anywhere because of a set of adverse circumstances. To top it all, the climate would not be at all encouraging for the expansion of operations or for the launching of new ventures. Practitioners of the arts, like painters, writers, sculptures and the like would do well to make an allowance for a particularly lean spell. The times are not favourable, and it would be best to maintain a low profile till the adverse spell is over.


A fairly beneficial month, during which there is every possibility of success in your professional endeavours. Most important there is a good chance of achieving the gains that you set out to achieve. And this without too much of effort or struggle. There is the further possibility of enriching your life in a satisfying manner, through interaction with learned people. This would give to your overall working a much sought after dimension. A certain amount of travel would also be quite beneficial. The most advantageous direction would be west. Some female colleagues or associates could do you a favour that would turn out to be significant.


Your educational pursuits may have relatively rough going during the coming month, since the stars are not in a particularly favourable mood. Most of you would have to struggle quite a bit to achieve your goals. The situation would not be helped much by the fact that most of you would be negatively influenced in that you would become self-assertive and headstrong in your behaviour. This would make learning quite difficult. Therefore, you should firmly resist such tendencies. Those studying the arts, accountancy, and journalism would have to put in a lot of extra effort to maintain their ranking in their class or group. But you most not let adverse circumstances deject you, but rather go on and persevere with your efforts.


A month during which the prospects of sizeable gains from travel are quite promising, since the augury from the stars is quite optimistic on this score. Most of you could travel a good deal in the pursuit of your business and official affairs and achieve a high degree of success in your efforts. Most of these journeys would be by rail or by road, with a fair measure of air travel. There is further the likelihood of some of you going abroad and making a highly fruitful trip in pursuit of your particular line of work. Some of you would also travel for pleasure, perhaps taking a holiday to some interesting place with family members.


The affairs of your family would face rough weather this month, since the stars are not too favourably disposed. Mounting expenses may put you people under increasing financial stress. Plan your expenses carefully well in advance. There is also a distinct possibility of your relations with female members of your family coming under a cloud and you should handle such relationships with skill and tact and do not blunder into petty fights. Children would also add to your woes. Their performance may have to be very carefully scrutinized. You would have to devote much more energy to this.


A month that holds out promising prospects for your children, since the stars are quite favourably placed in so far as they are concerned. Generally speaking children would be a source of considerable satisfaction to their parents for whom most of them would have a great deal of devotion. This apart, their performance would also be quite good both at studies and in their extra curricular activities. Those pursuing the fine arts like music, dance, drama, painting etc. would also have an extremely fruitful spell of creative activity, in which some of them may well go on to score notable successes. They would also endear themselves to most people with their pleasant behaviour.

This year on April 22 Jupiter would enter Aries Sign Fifth House, on January 17, Saturn in Aquarius Sign Third House and on November 22 Rahu in Pisces Sign Fourth House. On January 13, Retrograde Mars would turn direct and transit with its normal motion throughout the year. Venus would remain combust from August 04 to August 18, Venus would remain combust.


Beginning of the year would be auspicious for work and profession. You would be recipient of considerable gains form domain of your work because Jupiter casts its aspect on Tenth House. At times you would also bag favor and gains from higher official. You would find out solutions of your problems by dint of working efficiencies and mental capabilities. Chances for associating yourself with a big company as regard to work are sincerely waiting for you. You would remain agile for everyday activities and perform well in domain of your work. There are indications for promotion of those who are in service. After April 22, time period would turn more propitious. At that time, you could switch on to a novel venture in association with someone which might prove lucrative. If you are linked with share market for trading, then the desired gains are awaiting for you.

Wealth, Property

Beginning of the year would be generally auspicious for economic perspective. In the beginning of the year, Jupiter posited in Fourth House and hence due to its effect you might own land, buildings and vehicles etc. Rahu in Fifth House is not a favorable indication for the health of your child but being in conjunction with Jupiter, health of your children would be shielded. There could be unnecessary expenditure of money. After April 22, Jupiter would aspect Eleventh House and generate incessant flow of wealth and financial problems would be solved. You might incur expenditure on celebration of auspicious ceremonies in the family.

Work, Profession

This year would be favorable for family and society point of view. In the beginning of the year, effect of Jupiter in Fourth House would maintain a conducive and congenial environment in your family. Whole family along with parents would extend full support and this adds up to your mental gratification. Auspicious ceremonies would be accomplished in your family and your role for the same would be prominent. After April 22, time period would take a shift towards more auspiciousness and your get whole hearted cooperation of your brothers. Saturn in Third House would stimulate development of your prowess and working capabilities. This would add up much to your social status and prestige. You enemies would be afraid of you. You would accomplish some task for the social upliftment or welfare which raises your social position to a pinnacle.

Family & Society

Beginning of the year would not be even moderately auspicious for children perspective. Position of Rahu in Fifth House is not favorable for the health of your child but due to conjunction of Jupiter with Rahu, health of your child would be shielded yet some unnecessary expenditure might become inevitable. On April 22, Jupiter would start transiting Fifth House. After that time period would start taking turn towards auspiciousness and your children pave the path of success. They would be more inclined towards their studies. If your Children are of marriageable age, their wedlock ceremony could be solemnized.


This year would be on an average as far as health is concerned. Aspect of Rahu on Ascendant could cause ill effects on your health all of a sudden. Don't be worried about financial status otherwise its negative impact would cause mental anxiety and distress. Your time period would become auspicious after April 22. The aspectual effect of Jupiter on Ascendant would provide you mental peace and satisfaction. If troubled by weather borne diseases of and on, you would recover at the earliest. To maintain a good health, you would take vegetarian diet only along with practicing Yoga and taking exercises.

Career & Competition

Beginning of the year would be moderately auspicious for the students. Rahu in Fifth House might be a factor for deficiency in education or a religious observance. If you are preparing for a competitive examination to have a job or seek admission in a high profile institution then be confident for success at the end of the year. As Saturn is transiting in Third House, so your all foes and competitors would acknowledge your supremacy. This year is favorable for higher education and acquiring knowledge of a foreign language.

Travel & Transfer

This year would be favorable for journey perspective. Saturn being in Third House would generate chances for long journeys besides frequent short journeys. There are very strong indications for accomplishing a foreign journey in the beginning of the year because of aspect of Jupiter on Twelfth House. After April 22, you would undertake a visit of your birth place with family members and also long journeys. In the end of the year, your whole family and you would go to a place to earn virtues.

Religious Deeds & Propitiation of Planets

This year would be highly auspicious for religious deeds perspective. In the beginning of the year, you would perform worships and fire sacrificial ceremony and other pious deeds at home to seek blessings for peace and prosperity of the family. After April 22, Jupiter and Saturn would have combined aspectual effect on Ninth House and hence you arouse more faith and devotion for god. These feelings would create permanent propensity towards spiritual knowledge and to boost up spiritual aspects, you would accomplish pious deeds such as recitation of Mantra, an oblation, a religious sacrifice etc. 1. Offer water to rising sun every day. 2. Install Shree Yantra in your house and light a lamp of Ghee in front of it and recite the following Mantra: Om Haweem Lakshamaya Namah. 3. Articles/items for Rahu (Blue or Black) be given in charity or wear Durga Beesa Yantra Kawach in your neck.

General Characteristics Sagittarius

Optimism describes Sagittarians. They always believe that good things will happen tomorrow. It is their spirit which makes them always see at the bright side of a situation. It is said that Sagittarians are always guided by lucky stars and good things will always happen to them. Sagittarians are very independent in their dispositions. They have vibrant and expansive personalities. They are curious by nature and always seek knowledge to expand their outlook. They also have a spiritualistic bent of mind. The Sagittarius horoscope predicts that Sagittarians are unemotional. They don’t like dwelling on the past. They tend to get bored easily and simply move on with the life. This is because they have two personalities, because the Centaur (Sagittarius' symbol), is half horse half person. The Sagittarius's two personalities: the animal (horse): (aggressive, rebellious, free-roaming, etc.),They are highly attractive, active, knowledgeable, generous, straightforward and dynamic but tactless. The speed of their emotions is very high and sometimes it becomes little difficult for Sagittarians to control their emotions. They are deeply religious and are pandits of religion and politics. They can become successful evangelists, professor and educationists. Free, generous, honest, reliable, god-fearing. Alert, intuitive and burrows to the point easily. Short sighted or hunchbacked. Straight forward in dealings and has high sense of justice.

Too conventional and business like. Sometimes restless and overanxious. Dual temperament. Versatile desirous to know something of everything. Disposition is happy and cheerful. Adaptable, content with simple life. Lover of art and poetry has creative ability. Respecter of law rarely gets involved in legal affairs. Desire for learning philosophy and occult subjects. Exercises strict control over food, drinks and relation with opposite sex. Neatness, orderliness, being methodical, and diligence contribute towards success. Has self-confidence. Never leaves off the work on hand unfinished. Gets favour from Government, inherits property. Professions which require extensive travel generally attract them, as they love to meet and explore new people and cultures. It is no surprise, then, that the Sagittarius-born people make good travel writers or travel guides. They can also be motivational orators. Since they are intuitive and know how to make others feel good, they perform extremely well when they work for social causes. They would make good politicians, HR managers, activists, teachers, philosophers, therapists, doctors etc. Successful as a teacher, public speaker, heads of religious institution, judge, advocate etc.

Liable to suffer from Sciatica, Rheumatic pain, Hipbone fracture, Gout, Lung problems etc.

Physical features

Well developed and handsome figure, almond eyes, brown hair, high and bushy eyebrows,long face, long nose, graceful look, not a straight walk, thick nose / ears / teeth/ lips.

Auspicious years sagittarius - 19 to 37 and 61 to 69

Inauspicious years sagittarius - 2, 10, 18, 31, 38, and 42

Their lucky gem is Yellow Sapphire.