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10 year prediction pack

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One of the most useful model of prediction & astrological calculations the “10 Year Prediction Pack” is a 178-page report of native’s destiny along with all essential remedies. It contains 10-year Transit prediction, 5 year Dashaphal analysis alongwith 2 years’ monthly prediction. It contains approximately 20 to 25 benefic Yogas of Kundli with Numerology Predictions. This report is really very useful for getting a greater idea about native’s future.

In nutshell we can say that 10 Year Prediction Pack contains extensive astrological calculations and predictions which are essential requirements to get an idea about native’s past, present and future.

10 Year Prediction Features

Charts & Calculations

All Astrology Calculations

  • Avkhada
  • Planetary Degree and Position
  • Calculation of Birth Chart, Moon Chart, Navansh, Chalit, Nirayan Bhav Chalit Basic important charts to get an idea about the strength of horoscope
  • Karak, Awastha, Rashmi Signification & power of planets, Jaimini Astrology Calculations
  • Sudarshan Chakra Represents the comparative positions of the planets in the Sun, Moon and Lagna charts simultaneously from outer to inner circle respectively. To study a house consider the signs in all the three charts simultaneously
  • KP System, KP Chart
  • Tables of Significator & Ruling Planets in KP.
  • Shodasvarg Charts 16 divisional charts to study the various areas. An event can’t be predicted in independently on the basis of a divisional chart rather it needs to be studied along with the birth chart. It should be remembered that there is no aspect of planets in divisional charts. The strength of planets is limited to the sign and house occupied
  • Shodash Varga Tables, Varga Bhedas, Vimsopaka Strength
  • Permanent, Temporary & Five Fold Friendship Tables
  • Shadbala & Bhavbala Tables
  • Upgrah & Arudha
  • Prashtarashtakvarga Tables
  • Ashtakvarga Tables
  • Vimshottari dasha with Sub Sub Sub periods
  • Yogini Dasha/Antardasha periods
  • Yogas Astrological Combinations

Numerological Calculations

  • Basic Numerological Calculations


All Astrology Predictions

  • Planet Reading
  • Mahadasha Prediction 5 Years
  • 10 Years Transit Predictions Yearly predictions on the basis of transit of planets for each year
  • 2 Years Monthly Predictions
  • Favorable Points Information about lucky stone, color, number, article, time, day, date, year, sign, cereal, metal, direction, donate item, god etc
  • House Prediction Predictions about various areas of life like health, personality, wealth, family, profession, children, marriage, travel etc
  • Yogas with Predictions

Numerology Predictions

  • Numerological Predictions


All Astrological Remedies

  • Gem Selection, Favorable Gems
  • Gems, Mantra, Donate Item & Fast as per Dasha along with benefits
  • Method of Gem Wearing with Muhurat, Mantra & Donate Item
  • Remedies of Sadesati
  • Manglik Dosh Remedies
  • Kalsarp Dosh Remedies