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An introduction : What is astrology

God has produced a galaxy of eminent Astronomers and Astrologers around the world. Our ancient history reveals that our country stood first in the study of Astronomy and Astrology.

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Jyotish : First Healing Science

Now a days we see around us a blood of healing therapies and health centers. Everyone claims to cure the incurable diseases besides regular or common health problems. If we are sick today, tomorrow sickness goes away and again we are healthy. But this is an incorrect obetimtion of health, which is related with disease. Healing is imparted from outside. Jyotish hot only desk with mind but body and soul also.

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Timing of Events through Dasha and Transit of Planets

The birth chart of any native indicate the promise inherent in a Horoscopic chart because of the position of planet in chart and other qualifications that attend upon it, i.e., its location, conjunctions, aspects and its position and location in divisional chart. the horoscope only indicate the inherent promise. The time when promise will fructify depend uopn dasha and transit of planets.

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Exaltations and Debilitation of Planets

Astrologically planets are ascribed exaltation and debilitation points in the zodiac. As a rule the Rasi (sign) in which the exaltation and debilitation point is located is taken as a whole as exalted or debilitated sign. The point of debilitation from the point of exaltation is 180 degrees. The 7th sign from the sign of exaltation is the debilitation sign.

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