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A Treatise on Advanced Predictive Techniques

(Esoteric Principles of Vedic Astrology) The treatise deals with principles of astrological counselling, nature of man, characteristics of planets and advanced guidelines for predictions deals with principles is illustrated to make the abtruse easily intelligible. The glossary and index are intended to make technical and less known terms clear and help cross references. The publication is no substitute for clasical texts but makes them more meaningful and easy to grasp their deeper significance. The preliminary students of astrology will find the study extermely fascinating while the professional practitioners will be exposed to new vistas of astrological science. Written by Mr. Bepin Behari.

Application of Prasna Astrology

Written by Prof V.K. CHOUDHRY & Mr. K. RAJESH CHAUDHARY this book deals with the Concepts and Analytical Techniques; Insight; Identifying Prasana - Prime determinants, afflictors, significators, timing events and timing recovery of patients; Application of preventive astral remedies, Case studies - Profession, New business, Property disputes, Marriage, Missing persons, Health problems, Losses, Misc. Published by M/S Sagar Publications, 72 Janpath, Ved Mansions, New Delhi-110001. Pages 117.

Astrological Biographies

Astrological Biographies is a unique exercise in applied astrology. Based on seventeen biographies of eminent persons born in different parts of the world and engaged in different activities. The study explores the impact of planetary impulses on their life. Written by Bipin Behari this book is available (without cover and with cover).